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” My goal is to transcend your value online! “
– Nikkie Blaze


The process of building our ecommerce Shopify store has been great. Nikkie solved every task carefully planing it while making everything look simple. He has been absolutely transparent about everything we needed to know.



Nikkie makes my day every time I ask him something about my business website. He did everything as I requested. I am happy to work with Blaze Services because they really made my work show up online! Thanks!


CEO, Head Therapist

We are happy to work with Nick on this WooCommerce store! He carried out all tasks needed to push our store to the next level of it’s development. He is definitely the project manager you need!



We needed Nikkie to make us an eye catching business website containing our products. He really did the work and made us a stunning design which we will apply soon! We are looking forward to work with him in future.



I had a task to show my skills to Shopify. Therefore I’ve developed this project with the Shopify platform to demonstrate how I operate when I transcend The Project Rock brand online providing it’s value through their great quality pictures, videos products and descriptions.

Nikkie Blaze

While the project is still about to be finished I am really excited how the branding and the design have been developed so far and I am looking forward to continue working with Nikkie



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  1.  Blog Website | Business Website | Online Store
  2. Application Development
  3. Image and Video – Design and Editing

We are experienced in working with the best Ecommerce platforms like Shopify, Magento and WordPress.

They are very flexible for our customers. Whether you want to edit the website content on your own or change pictures and other details.

We estimate the prices of each website separately.

It depends how complex a website or an ecommerce store is.

Message us and we will get back to you with the relevant details.

evaluation of your project

Get our advice and judgement in making your project better, more impactful, sufficient and optimised.

Web Site Development Team

Developers experienced in HTML, CSS, JavaScript and more. Get your E-COMMERCE solution and let us place you and your business out there for the world to see.

Software Development Team

Work with software developers skilled in PHP, C++, C#, Java and more. Send us an e-mail explaining what your project is and make an enquiry.

Graphic and video Design Team

Get your Logo, Banner and Images styled and designed to be relevant to your project and idea. Make a statement! Send us your request by clicking the ‘Contact us’ button.

From Nikkie blaze

Make Your Own Opportunities

All queries will be carefully read and discussed with our team members to provide the best feedback. We are busy doing many projects as we are expanding our team. Our goal is to cover projects in every field of the industry so don’t hesitate to send us your requests.

Blaze Services is looking forward to answer any question and provide all specific details about our working process and project development.

Please have your project description specified as detailed as possible so we can get right into it!

” I am fascinated by the impact you can create once you put yourself out there and get busy showing up to get peoples attention! “



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